The very first Combekk pans tell the story of Dutch railways. The bottom of each Combekk Rails Edition pan bears a stamp that refers to its origin. The fully enamelled cast iron products are made entirely from recycled materials with a tough and functional design.

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A “Dutch Oven” is known all over the world. The name refers to a production technique, which is invented in The Netherlands. The special forge and the right mix of materials make Combekk pans of the highest quality. 

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Each pan has its own story and has the origin of the material cast on the bottom of the pan. All Combekk pans have functional and hip design and the right mix of materials of high quality. Tough and environmentally friendly in durable and rugged cast-iron cookware!

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A true Combekk story!


Welcombekk, Combekk is giving local iron products a second life


Combekk Bekk-up for the best results. Combekk has integrated a Combekk temperature gauge into their cast iron pans


Combekk rails edition range from Dutch ovens to frying pans, all uniquely designed by Combekk. 

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