Welcome to the world of unattended perfection

“is it done yet?”

that’s the question we all ask ourselves every time we cook meat, it is the same question GrillEye® answers by ensuring your meal is always cooked to your liking, through monitoring its temperature while you relax with your friends and family.

It lets you know when your food is ready by sending a notification to your smartphone. Rely on GrillEye® for unattended perfection

Why GrillEye®?


Did you know that food doneness is all about temperature?

Using a GrillEye® thermometer will ensure you get delicious results easily, by monitoring both the internal temperature of your food, as well as the ambient, inside your grill/smoker/oven. You no more need to make a guess about when it’s ready, keeping overcooking and dried-out food out of the plan!


According to the FDA, a food thermometer is also the only way to ensure that your food has met its minimum internal temperature for keeping microorganisms and bacteria away.

GrillEye® probes are certified by the FDA for safe use with your food, as they are solely constructed out of space-grade aluminum and stainless steel.


Excelling as a pitmaster has never been easier.

GrillEye® wireless meat thermometers operate by keeping probes in the meat throughout the cooking process. GrillEye® continuously monitors your grill or smoker and once your food is ready, you will receive an instant notification on your smartphone.

Until then, you have been totally unchained from the BBQ pit preparing the best food for your beloved without losing a moment with them.

The GrillEye® Hyperion app

GrillEye® Max works with the GrillEye® Hyperion app, the application that introduces you to a whole new grilling and smoking experience!

GrillEye® Hyperion is extremely easy to use for grilling and smoking beginners, as it includes a set-up wizard, an app demo tour, probe placement tips and easy to select presets that will bring you the result you wish to taste (set according to the United States Department of Agriculture guidelines for safe cooking).

At the same time, GrillEye® Hyperion is completely customizable for pitmasters who wish to take total control of their cooking experience. You can plan every step of each meal with “time to ready estimates”, and repeat every successful one with “Sessions”.

You can control as many devices as you wish, from anywhere in the world. You will receive a notification that your food is ready, wherever you are!

It’s all about ease and taste!