Holy Smoke BBQ


Award-winning products used by professional pit masters and home cooks alike!

Holy Smoke BBQ products transports the flavor of real American BBQ directly to your home. 

Our original smoky BBQ shack products with flavours from Texas, North Carolina, and the southern BBQ states of the US, are something out of the ordinary. Try it and you will taste the difference when you cook low and slow or blazing hot on your BBQ or smoker.  Whether you are searching for the perfect lump charcoal or adding smoke to your BBQ with chunks or chips of premium fruity hardwood, Holy Smokes products deliver time and time again.

Holy Smoke Restaurant Grade 100 % natural lump Charcoal

Made from beech, hornbeam and oak hardwoods sourced from sustainably managed forests. The combination of select hardwoods is an efficient fuel source with long burning time that imparts a mild aromatic flavor enjoyed by restaurants, chefs, and BBQ lovers! 

Holy Smoke BBQ Wood Chunks or Chips

Adding flavored wood chunks or chips to your BBQ makes smoking and grilling even more delicious. The chunks and chips can be used for all types of smoking and grilling. 

Wood Chips and Chunks flavors: 

  • Aromatic flavor of APPLE
  • Texas style intense flavor of OAK
  • Sweet and mild flavor of ALDER
  • Sweet, slightly fruity flavor of CHERRY
  • Intense & smokey strong flavor of BLACK WALNUT

Give it that extra edge by adding wood chips or chunks to your next BBQ and bring it to the next level. 

Holy Smoke Rubs and Seasonings

From smoky BBQ shacks in Texas to perfect whole hogs in North Carolina, our rubs & seasonings are hand-blended and take the passion and heat of our small growers around the world into your outdoor kitchen.

Flavors starts with perfect sourcing. Our aim and goal are to source our ingredients from prestigious growers to make the most perfect rubs that will enhance your brisket, ribs or sausages. Our rubs and blends are all hand-made in small batches and freshly grinded or flaked from whole spices and chilis. AAA quality is what you taste and smell!

It’s not just for the good taste, but the actual composition of our BBQ rubs that makes the big difference! Our rubs also tenderize your meat and make it juicier with our unique ingredients and how we combine the spices.