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It all began at a farmers' market in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

From the start Jim Stott and Jonathan King wore many hats. Setting up shop in Jim’s family summer cottage, they spent endless hours cooking, hand-writing labels, taking photos and selling products. Often it became a full family affair: nephews and nieces filled jars one-by-one, Jim’s 90-year-old grandmother, Pearl, helped glue burlap onto jar lids and Jonathan’s mother worked as a store clerk.

“It’s inspired by my grandmother Pearl’s delicious blueberry pie,” says Jim. “I wanted to create the smell of her freshly baked pie filled with tasty, ripe blueberries. And we did just that. Every time I open our Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, I think of my grandmother.”

Stonewall Kitchen wins 'Best in Show.'

Over the years, Stonewall Kitchen received 29 prestigious awards from the Specialty Food Association, including three Outstanding Product Line Honors. In 2015, they were honored and grateful to be inducted into the Specialty Food Hall of Fame.

Stonewall Kitchen's first catalog mass mailing.

Stonewall Kitchen moves to York, Maine.

“Stonewall Kitchen Headquarters and Company Store has become one of Maine’s largest tourist destinations. they welcome over 500,000 visitors each year."

Stonewall Kitchen has grown from producing a few dozen jars for the farmers’ market to about 75,000 jars daily.

Stonewall Kitchen goes to space. (Seriously!)

Astronaut and Maine native, Chris Cassidy, requested our Wild Maine Blueberry Jam because it reminded him of home.

What’s better than toast? Chris Cassidy enjoyed his jam with a piece of space cheesecake!

Stonewall Kitchen created a special space-safe jar made from a natural polypropylene material.

Stonewall Kitchen celebrates their 25th Anniversary!

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At Stonewall Kitchen, food is so much more than just a business—it's a lifelong passion. Here's a little taste of what that means to us:

Industry Recognition: With more than 25 industry accolades under our belt (including three for the coveted Outstanding Product Line), we’re one of the most awarded specialty food companies in America!

Exceptional Quality: We select only the best possible ingredients for each of our products.