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Big Green Egg

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Fluted Cake Pan


Lodge Legacy Series


The Legacy Series is a special series of items that Lodge is creating based on historical, discontinued Lodge products. Each new item in the series is a remastered version of a retired product from one of their historic catalogs, which date back to 1896. Items in the Lodge Legacy Series will not be exact replicas of old versions, but rather updated with a few small modifications. The first item in the Lodge Legacy Series is the Fluted Cake Pan. The next item will be introduced in 2019.

New Collezione




Boretti’s Collezione Maggiore is the new exclusive kitchen line for high quality cooking. Offering authentic, effective pieces that embody chic Italian design as well as the vision of the company; functional, easy to use and iconic. Boretti’s products combine materials in order to create an innovative look and feel. The line is available in three different styles, you can’t not be inspired!